Alexandru Salceanu


Electrical Engineering

Technical University of Iasi




Alexandru Salceanu (ResearcherID: B-6307-2015) is a full professor with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Iasi, Romania, being a doctoral studies supervisor and Head of Ph.D. School of the Faculty. His research interests include Electrostatic Discharges, Electromagnetic Compatibility, and E&M Fields Influence on Human Beings (measurements, modeling, and simulation). He is an IEEE senior member, (EMC and IMS-TC 13), Treasurer of the IMEKO General Council, and Chairman of IMEKO Technical Committee nr.4. He is Coordinator of the Research Center "Metrology, Measurement Systems, and Innovative Materials-METROS”. Professor Salceanu is Section Editor and member of the Editorial team of ACTA IMEKO (the e-Journal of the International Measurement Confederation). He acts since 2010 as chairman of the International Conference on Electrical and Power Engineering EPE, (included in the IEEE meetings database). He was the chairman of the 22-nd IMEKO TC-4 Symposium. For other 3 International Conferences technically sponsored by IEEE (International Symposium on Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering-ATEE, International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Electricity-ICATE and International Conference SIELMEN) he is currently acting as a member of International Program Committee, reviewer and session chair. He is presently a member of 12 scientific and professional societies, a member of 10 scientific program committees, and reviewer for 16 journals: 15 internationals (10 WoS, 5 BDI), and 1 national. He is author, co-author, or editor of 19 books and 227 databases indexed scientific papers and patents.

Area of Interests

Electrical measurements, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrostatic Discharge and E&M Fields Influence on Human Beings (measurements, modeling and simulation).